Coffee Shop Vibes Pt. 1

You have to persevere just to enter the door.  Not because of resistance, it’s basically frictionless, but rather the audible creaking pleads with you that it’s not worth it.  Once you battle through the shriekage, you’re in. Home. Time to let the vibes brew.


You thought your ear drums could relax now, but the growl of the bean grinder demands their attention.  You’re then rewarded as the aroma of the fresh Colombian roast sneaks into your nostrils.

You came here wanting to get away. Now you’re here, and you don’t know what for.

As the cute barista asks for your order, you wonder if the Colombian roast fragrance is to blame for your timely first ever nosebleed.  You scramble to hide it as you fumble getting your credit card out to pay for your iced latte. (A double shot was planned, but you had no more cool points to protect.)

The nose is cleaned and latte secured, and you select your think-tank isolation station… back against the back wall, cause duh.

The MacBook awakes, and you frantically exit out of the 12 Safari tabs opening from your last browsing session. Besides, you came here wanting to get away. Not to be reminded of the busyness you’re running from.

“You can’t do latte art on a Cortado...” one barista talk-yells over the grinder and the “Mumford and Sons” Pandora channel, “… but I almost made Macchiato latte art one time.”

As they begin to discuss their lovely new Chai flavors with Mrs. Botox, Queen of Indecision, at the counter, you decide to fire up your Discover Weekly Spotify playlist, because it understands you almost as well as the middle-aged women to your left discussing their yoga session would.


In go your headphones, sealing the doors of your think-tank from distraction, or so you think.  Now you’re locked in and caffeinated.  Do you read another chapter of the book you’ve been crawling through? Make some goals for the future? A brief web browse?

You scan and see a handful med students scattered, and you wish you had their determination and focus.  You hear bits and pieces of theology at your 10 o’clock.  An elderly, sport-coated gentlemen in front of you, who seemingly has perfected life, reads today's paper. An artist is perfecting a sketch to your right, and you think to yourself, if only...

Personalities scattered. Dominated by introverts today, or maybe it’s just the headphones sealing off personal bubbles.  Some seeking community, most searching for something on a screen.

United in their solitude. Searching for caffeine. For productivity. For meaning.

You glance back at your MacBook. 12 Safari tabs have appeared, and you are at a loss as to how. Your ‘distraction-free think-tank' has been breached again. You shut it down and take the last sip of your latte.

“How’s your nose?” the barista unknowingly brings up your nightmare of an hour ago.

“Couldn’t be better,” you smirk, immediately wishing you were still in the confines of your think-tank.

You walk out, the creeking door posing as a welcome mat to the very things you were escaping.

Philip MatthewsComment