It was a weird range of feelings. A hint of jealousy, for sure, sprinkled with a dash of concern. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it was the scruffy beard that screamed he was like so over it, or the baby blue headphones tuning out the world.   But, when he reached under his seat and pulled out ruffles and tuna dip, I knew it.  This guy had the ‘It Factor.’ 

Traveling alone is great for a number of reasons, and it’s something I hope to do more. Rumor has it, you find out a lot about yourself and the world around you. It forces you to slow down, to get lost, to enjoy the aroma surrounding you.  Makes you walk through the rose garden of life, instead of sprinting and running into things ‘cause you’re looking at your phone. 

Other times, you get to meet people like Jay, who brings his own tuna dip to AT&T Park to watch the Giants. 


There are many reasons not to bring tuna dip to a sporting event.  Firstly, it’s illegal, I think… but #yolo I suppose. You’ve gotta account for the space to allow for the smugglage, the security checkpoint, as well as muffle the sound of the ENTIRE family size ruffles bag.

Next, the smell.  Goes without saying.  

“Want some?” Jay startled me as I found myself entertaining wild ideas of what could possibly be in his fanny pack. 

“Nah, I'm good. Just ate. Thanks.” Whew. 

Good convo ensued, mostly about the Giants with a steady dose of disdain about their season’s results. Jay knew every nuance of the current game and opponent, which impressed me until the top of the 3rd, when I realized he was just repeating the play by play guy chirping in his ear. 

“Did you know Hunter Pence lives right downtown and rides his bike to and from the park everyday? Good player, but boy is he out there,” stated the guy that smuggled tuna dip into the game. 

Then it hit me… what if Jay has it all figured out? Like maybe tuna dip in very close proximity to random strangers is frowned upon, but Jay is in the zone, in bliss, and literally could not care less. He cares less about his hair than what you or I think about him… and that’s saying something.  It’s this realization that makes me want to be more like Jay. 

If I had half the confidence of this guy, oh the possibilities.

When he finished off the tuna and I thought he was done, he reaches down and pulls out a container of pimento cheese filled to the brim and resumes. His chip to dip ratio was so on point.  Completely normal. Legend status. The parade for the Golden State Warriors NBA championship was in Oakland the next day... most people think greatness was there. It was, but only to a degree… not to the degree it was in section 324. Row D. Seat 6. Jay.