Crunchy Keyboard

You know there are those times, few and far between for this guy, when you just find that Zone-- The all-elusive zone. You're in the right atmosphere, distractions are minimal, your brain is actually working, coffee is in hand, and you're ready to roll. This has to be, at least in part, why our culture loves coffee so much... The craving for constant ‘productivity,' or even feeling productive when we're not... I know it's true for me.

I was there. Settled into the coffee shop... The vibes brewing. Caffeine starting to percolate through my veins. A room packed with people, but just the right ambiance of background noise mumblage to become an ample sound machine. Entering into the zone ready to really get some work done... not even for school which makes it all the better.  I could see the light at the end of the tunnel of my fatigue. Something big was about to happen.

It happened so quickly I didn’t have time to think. My reflexes took over, and luckily for me, they’re mighty slothy.

Hind sight 20/20, maybe I got cocky. I mean who likes drinking their joe with a lid on anyways? It's just another obstacle between your taste buds and that delightfully burnt, watered-down liquid.  Man, I could go for some of that now.

Unfortunately, it's one less obstacle between this said liquid, and a MacBook Pro computer, as well.

Miraculously, here i am, typing on my "Crunchy Keyboard.”  If you think that alliteration has a nice ring to it you should hear my “q” key.  You just thought that Boyz 2 Men harmony sounded splendid until you hear this “q” key. Never have I wanted to incorporate so many “q’s" into a piece. Should we talk about how Q. Weatherspoon is killing it for the Dawgs?!?

In all seriousness, I was frazzled and didn’t know what to do. Spills are essentially the death sentence of laptops, with about 3/4 of a cup in my case not helping the cause. Apple will ship it off and fix what’s necessary for a small fee of $750… wasn’t feeling that.

A wise soul told me to pray about it… that God is sovereign over all of the details of our lives, not just the mega-ones.  What a reminder.

Somehow, my MacBook is still functional (albeit slower), but the battery is fried and has to be plugged in to work. I began to come to my senses and was humbled by how distraught I was by the condition of this 13 by some-odd inch rectangle of anodized aluminum ( I googled it).

It's so easy to just put our lives on cruise control and only do what's necessary to make it from day to day without too much discomfort.  I'm so guilty of this, and what a shame it is.  Then every so often, likely by the mercy of God, things happen... sometimes as small as coffee on a Macbook.  These things remind us, if we let them, that we are simply not in control.  This can wreck some of us... I like to be in control of my situations far too much... but in reality this should be incredibly freeing.

The God of the universe, who has put “everything in subjection under his feet,” (Heb 2:8) knows and is in control of every detail, no matter how minor, way before we do something.

I’m not wishing a crunchy keyboard on you in the near future, but sometimes reality/brake checks help us to take a step back and remember what’s important.  And that stuff is just stuff.

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