Blog Smog

What is a blog? 

Chances are you already have a preconceived notion of the term already pressed well within your head. An avenue for #humblebrags?  A medium for advice from hardly credible individuals? A way of networking? A place for baking tips, decorating decor, or ways to love your lover that you've been in love with for 2 weeks?

The truth is blogging can be, but is not limited to these things.

The limits of the blogosphere are as clear as mud... as smog if you please. Sure tons of people throw out smoke on the Internet and social media telling you how great their lives are or other things you couldn't care less about hearing.  Such is the world we live in (I'm guilty as well).  But the beauty of smog (bear with me), is that it's not merely this smoke.  It's mixed with fog, which according to Wikipedia is "a collection of liquid water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth's surface."  What a glorious definition... had to squeeze that in there; albeit a massive stretch. So while looking through the blog smoke, maybe every now and then the graceful liquid water droplets or ice crystals in suspension will point us to a real blog jewel that makes the search worth our while.

In today's Internet craze ruled by lunatics on social media, mainstream media pushing an agenda, and weird YouTube videos of cats and the like, surely blogs can be a vehicle for an occasional intellectual thought... and that's why I'm here-- to allow the content of others to look like Picasso to my 5-year-old finger painting of words.

But really.. why blog? 

Very few things intimidate me more than a blank page, but somehow diving into that abyss with ink (or pecking at a keyboard) seems to sharpen the mind, boost productivity, or just bore the mess out of people like you.

In all seriousness, I hope the content of this blog can entertain, encourage, and enlighten the both of us to a world bigger than ourselves.  To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what to expect from this site, but you should expect to see posts about sports, travel, my faith in Christ, along with anything else that makes its way into my head... be it shallow or deep, a funny video clip or an article review. Positive feedback and criticism alike are greatly appreciated, as the main reason for this venture is my love for writing and desire to improve.

I'm not the most disciplined, well spoken, most interesting person, or best role model by any stretch of the best imagination.  I'm a sinner saved by the grace owing all to Christ and living to glorify Him.  Now may you (the one person still here) be bored to tears (or maybe not, but probably) with some aggressively mediocre content.

Philip Matthews