What's the point?

I'm basically average at everything. 

I tell myself it helps me relate to others, but that's probably just wishful thinking. If you're looking for something incredibly moving and profound, I'm sorry. 

But I think something happens when we open up, when we do things that are uncomfortable.  Awkward.  Scary.  New.  That's how we grow.  

I'm far too commonly imprisoned by comfort and complacency.  I want to crave wonder and adventure and intrigue.  To let my jaw drop, to be still and be grateful for the small things. And I want to do this more and more.  Life's too short. 

Getting lost in new places helps me to do this. Meeting new people helps me to do this.  Hearing their stories, and laughter... what a phenomenon.

I fear people's opinions.  It's scary to be honest, to open up.  But name something good in life that happens without fear, without some discomfort (other than ice cream). 

That's my goal here. To force myself to slow down.  To lift my eyes from the screen of my phone all the time, and take time to embrace the ordinary.  To tell stories of places and people and experiences that help me to lift my eyes to The Creator.  And let's laugh some, too.  In the meantime, if I can help you to do the same, even just once, then we'll call it a bonus.  You phil me? 

Philip Matthews